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Types of tour packages offered by Sagar Travels

We have vast and varied travel packages to ensure all client’s needs and desires are met. There are specific Package tours from Special-interest tours, Adventure tours, City tours, Group tours Personal tours, Fully Escorted tours, and College and School Student group tours.

Our special interest tours are designed for clients’ particular interest areas which could include education, arts, food and wine, sport, cultural or agricultural. Specialist tours include an expert guide who relates to the theme of a tour. Teacher or Professors guide educational tours, Sports champ guides sports tours, gardeners guide agricultural tour and so on

Adventure tours are designed to allow people to participate in their area of interest and more experience-based area. Adventure tours may be physical and require a certain level of fitness, however, they can sometimes be modified to meet Customer needs depending on the other travelers. Some of the Adventure tours include sky diving, rock climbing, mountaineering, horse riding, skiing, cycling, and educational tour.

City tours normally last for one full day or less. They follow a fixed itinerary and will visit areas of interest of that particular city, whether that is historic, religious, or cultural, snacks or meals are often included.

Group tours generally follow a fixed itinerary. Proper planning is done depending on the number of travelers. Always a minimum number of travelers are required to join group tours to make it financially reasonable with fun-loving people. Group tours are always escorted by a tour guide.

Fully escorted tours are often a good idea for solo travelers and especially women traveling alone. This type of tour offers a sense of security or overcomes language and cultural barriers. Also, these types of tours are best and safe educational tours, the tour guide provides local, historical, and cultural knowledge. Our tour guide makes the customer feel the more worthwhile experience and understanding of the place visited.

Sagar travels specializes in School and College student package tours. Educational tours are to educate students, and provide them with a chance to learn from a new set of experiences in a fun-loving ambiance. A school tour also allows students to develop close bonds with teachers and classmates. School tours are an excellent break for students with an improved learning experience.

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