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Incredible America

Shining in the far west is everyone’s dreamland – the USA. The nation is made up of 50 beautiful states that each promises its very own identity. A true melting pot of myriad cultures, electrifying nightlife, rich heritage, architectural brilliance, astonishing artwork, exquisite beaches, scrumptious delicacies and adventure sports – USA covers every base! Your amazing American holiday can be about many things: verdant landscapes and beaches, snow-capped mountains and redwood forests, a trip into the future (think space, science), a trip into history, adrenaline-boosting adventures, classy dining experiences and of course tinsel towns and fantasy lands.
Every city in the USA makes you marvel at its sheer beauty. Look more closely, and the American tapestry unwinds in all its stunning variety, just like a beautiful patterned quilt: the diverse music scene of Austin, the breezy charms of savannah the free-spirited people of portland, the wonderful waterfronts of San Francisco and the enchanting french quarter of jazz-loving New Orleans. Every city in America contributes to the grand patchwork of enriching experiences. From catching a broadway show in new york to driving through the winding roads of the tail of dragon and soaking up in the sun at beautiful Miami beach – all your wishes will come true! And let’s not forget, treating your taste buds to some delicious American fast foods like burgers, chicken wings, hotdogs, waffles, donuts, pizza and much more!

Best Time to Visit USA

The USA sparkles in every season. However, if we were to make a recommendation, the best time to visit would be during the wonderful periods of spring and fall.
Spring begins in the month of March and lasts up to May. These climate-friendly months enable you to explore the great outdoors with ease and indulge in exhilarating activities such as hiking, biking and camping. Note, in the northern USA, spring comes calling much later.
Another favorable season in the USA is fall, which begins in the month of September and lasts up to November. The weather during this season is pleasant and cool. You can enjoy activities like camping, rock climbing and mountain driving amidst picture-perfect sceneries. You can also witness the delightful harvest season celebrations that go on in pomp and splendor!
The months of May to September brew summer warmth and hence are considered peak times for tourists. The temperatures vary from region to region but generally allow for sight-seeing, exploration, and celebrations. For a surreal experience like no other, winter brings about enchanting festivities marked by the most beloved Christmas and new year. It is generally considered as an offseason, but the magical aura of this season is such that you will want to partake in it at least once in your life!

Places to see in USA

Think of the beauty and diversity that’s waiting to be discovered in this multi-faceted and layered country! Despite being geographically vast, one can explore this nation with the right amount of fervor and enthusiasm. Here’s a comprehensive list of the iconic and world-famous destinations in the USA. Think of the beauty and diversity that’s waiting to be discovered in this multi-faceted and layered country! Despite being geographically vast, one can explore this nation with the right amount of fervor and enthusiasm. Here’s a comprehensive list of the iconic and world-famous destinations in the USA.

Miami conjures up images of soft sandy beaches, tall coconut trees, pretty cafes and electrifying skylines. More than being a great city, it is an intense emotion. Walk down its streets and you will come across beautiful pastel-colored buildings and buzzing shopping markets that will make you go gaga! Head to its amazing Cuban restaurants and you will taste authentic flavors that will seduce your palate. Drive-by its scenic beaches and you’ll be feeling like a true native! From the highly spirited little Havana to the hustle-bustle of calle ocho, astonishing art festivals, and wine spectacles – this city has a never-ending list of things to offer!

You will be surprised to know that texas is so much more than cowboys, Indians and the wild wild west! Thriving music, entrancing museums, cultural exhibits and scrumptious cuisine make this state a hotbed for all things good. Home to 3 nba teams along with f1, Nascar, and Indycar, texas will not fail to impress the sports fanatic in you. And let’s give due importance to the amazing shopping malls that cater to retail therapy. This is one trip you definitely need to make on your vacation to the USA.

Los Angeles
As the second-largest city in the USA, Los Angeles offers an array of cultural, historic and recreational diversity, peppered with luxury and glamour. It is a hub for shoppers, playgrounds for aspiring artists and haven for foodies. Movie buffs can wander gleefully through rodeo drive and catch glimpses of Hollywood stars in Beverly hills! In general, one can soak up the sun at the beautiful beaches or party the night away at amazing nightclubs, the choices are infinite!

San Diego
Home to vast golden beaches that never end, san diego is one of america’s choicest cities for a memorable time. Holidaying in san diego is a one of a kind experience for its very atmosphere, landscapes and people exude a sunny disposition. Marvelous attractions such as the balboa park, san diego zoo, sea world, gaslamp quarter and cabrillo national monument add to the allure of this quintessential place in the pacific coast.

San Francisco
Adventure, relaxation or romance? You name it and we’ll find it at San Fran or cisco! Fascinating museums, alluring natural landscapes, quirky boutiques and fancy nightclubs, san Francisco will surprise you in more ways than one. Sit on a beach and witness the sunset; it is a sweet dose of happiness! Hop onto a seaplane or cruise the many shop-lined lanes; it is expedition redefined. Ascend or descend the slanting, zig-zag streets; it is the epitome of fun!

Las Vegas
The apotheosis of party destinations in the world, las vegas is panache personified. Themed casinos, opulent hotels, luxury resorts, flashy limousines, dazzling neon signs and eclectic cocktails make up the experience that is vegas! The downtown strip, with its abundant glitz and glamour, is one of the highlights of the city. Don’t forget to witness the light and sound show in Fremont street. For an out-of-the-world dining experience, the streets of Vegas are full of amazing a-class restaurants. Some stunning views can be witnessed at the red rock canyon national conservation area. What’s more, the mob museum is a must-visit!

Washington DC
Embossed with proud political monuments, trendy stores, buoyant night clubs, mouth-watering restaurants, classic art galleries and museums – washington d.c is a land of infinite experiences. The city depicts vintage assets and narrates great tales of historic times. Here, you will discover the best jazz music and unparalleled architectural beauty. Washington is a trip down memory lane and a walk into the future, both. Now, your american holiday is a kaleidoscopic mix!

Puerto Rico
One of the most enchanting places you will ever visit, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean paradise! The powder white shores, sparkling cerulean waters and fluttering palms make up its awe-inspiring landscape. An out-of-the-world underwater experience and a rich culture are what one can expect from this place! From zip-lining across hills to basking by cool water bodies, all your adventure fantasies will come true at this amazing place! Witness the vibrant culture, interact with warm locals and soak in nature’s best at this beautiful place during your American holiday!

Stay in new york forever, and you’ll still find something new to do every day! The city that never sleeps is a global center for art, theatre, architecture and commerce. Magnificent skyscrapers, heritage monuments, graffiti lanes and exquisite basilicas coexist in perfect harmony. From the hustle-bustle of times square to the peaceful charisma of central park, new york city will never fail to amaze you with its spirit. The captivating statue of liberty, the world-class museum of modern art or MoMA, ethnic enclaves, vogue bars, and diners make new york a utopia for everyone!

Food in the USA

How about trying classic fast foods from their very own kitchens, this time? The well-renowned cuisines of the USA are loved throughout the world. Greasy, gooey and crunchy, what’s not to want? Here’s a list of scrumptious, sumptuous bites that you must try on your USA tour. Dishes, here, reflect a mix of cultures from the world over. So, treat your sweet tooth and savory palette to world-class delights!

Cheese burgers
Believe it or not, it all started with a small mistake in Pasadena, or so they say… The birth of this legendary fast food took place when a young chef accidentally burned a burger and slammed some cheese on top to cover up his blunder. Enjoy juicy burgers and crispy fries during your USA holiday at the white castle, burger king, in-n-out, McDonald’s, steak n’ shake, five guys, and the heart attack grill!

A bun, when filled with a succulent sausage and topped off with flavourful sauces and textured relish, is an absolute treat to the taste buds! Enjoy this classic fast food treat during your usa tour. Grab your hotdog from a food truck or a diner for a rendezvous with heaven!

Everybody loves crunchy nachos! And what could be better than enjoying these divine triangles with your favourite sides? Sauce, beans or cheese, find an accompaniment that speaks to you. Don’t miss out on this tasty snack during your usa holiday!

Love served in a square box, the all-american dream! Nothing can go wrong when you’re eating a slice of pizza, especially in the land that catapulted its popularity. A delicious buttery crust loaded with meat, cheese, tomato chunks and authentic italian spices, nothing satisfies the belly quite like a chicago-style pizza.

Whether you dunk one into your hot chocolate or roast some over a campfire, nothing quite evokes joy and carefreeness quite like this magical american food. Gooey, dreamy, soft and sweet, enjoy this delicacy while camping under the stars…

Things to do in USA

Some experiences stay with you for a lifetime! Once in the USA, you can live every dream you’ve ever had and stock up on memories to cherish forevermore. Most USA tour packages will introduce you to the most popular places in the states that will maximize the value of your American holiday. Here’s presenting to you a few activities that you cannot and should not miss out on!

Get a tan in Miami
Soak up some rays at beautiful miami beach whilst sipping on a fruity mocktail. Go for a fancy dinner at the bayside marketplace and let your senses go out to play. Visit the beautiful jungle island and spot crocodiles and other exotic animals. Take a stroll through vizcaya museum and gardens and glimpse alluring renaissance-style architecture. Groove to the vibes and flavours of little havana.

Ride a horse in Texas
Go horse riding along vast landscapes and spend the night soaking up country music and culture. Get lost at big bend national park and hike the beautiful chimneys and marufo vega trails. Or perhaps, visit the world’s tallest monument column, san jacinto monument! Eat deep fried everything at state fair of texas – chicken wings, fried lobster with champagne gravy, funnel cake, bacon, cinnamon rolls and even beer!

Tour universal studios in Hollywood
Head to the picturesque san fernando valley and visit the fascinating universal studios. Jump into a world of cinema where the characters come magically to life! Walk along the glitzy stars of hollywood walk of fame and enjoy the artistic masterpieces at the getty center. Shop at a-class boutiques on rodeo drive and immerse yourself in its chic culture.

Explore Disneyland in LA
The home of many beloved cartoon characters from our youth and some new ones too, Disneyland in Anaheim, California is a must-see on your USA tour. Take a selfie with Mickey, Minnie, and goofy and share some butterbeer with harry potter and hagrid later. You cannot visit one without visiting the other and we suggest taking a trip to America just to spend a couple of days at two of these resorts that are famous globally and attract millions of Disney fans.

Wander through Nevada’s Yosemite national park
Yosemite national park in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains is as beautiful as it is rugged and mysterious. It’s famed for its giant, ancient sequoia trees some of which are centuries old and large enough to tunnel through and for the granite cliffs of El Capitan and half dome sheer rock faces which attract daredevil climbers from all over the world. Stopping here for a day or camping for two is highly recommended on your tour of the USA.

Take a selfie with an exotic animal in San Diego
Excited to try some adrenaline-pumping activities? Head to the aquatic theme park at SeaWorld in San Diego and enjoy world-class rides and shows. Take a wildlife safari and click amazing pictures of exotic wild animals. Board a cruise or jump onto a hop-on hop-off bus to tour the best attractions, from land and water. Try surfing at del mar or visit the astounding leg land for the inner child in you!

Take a gamble on Vegas
Las Vegas is neon dreams and electric nights personified! Take a ride on the high roller at the LINQ and tour the Grand Canyon Park. Or, visit the antelope canyon and horseshoe bend, Vegas will never fail to amaze you with its dazzling sights. Rent a car and hit the Hoover dam or simply spend the night sipping on some amazing cocktails and dancing to an array of beats.

See democracy in action at Washington DC
Beyond the culture and traditional attractions of this city, you will find amazing nightlife, delightful cuisine and eclectic art scenes. Spend your mornings strolling through the farmer’s market and can later catch a show at the john f. Kennedy center of performing arts. Take a kayaking tour through the free willy country and get a chance to witness some orcas. Experience the best USA trip by touring this cultural hub!

Go kayaking in glowing waters of Puerto rico
History, adventure, and plenty of options in between… Puerto Rico is pure magic. One of the most beautiful places to visit is the bioluminescent bay that lights up at night with the blue glow of dinoflagellates. The best way to witness this wondrous scenario is by diving or kayaking – it’s like you’re in an avatar movie! Sun-bathe and surf at the western beaches of Rincon and party at vibrant san Juan, during your USA trip!

Marvel at the statue of liberty in new york
visit the monumental structure of the statue of liberty and witness the astonishing time square building. Step inside the metropolitan museum of art and delve into the art and culture of america! Eat a cheeseburger from a food van, take a walk across the famous brooklyn bridge or stroll through the beautiful greenwich village. Anything is possible in this concrete jungle!

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